Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hi people that are reading this,
this is going to be the last ever post that I am going to make. I am so sad that this is going to be the last time that you will here from me and my posts. I think that all of the people that see this have been a help to my blog. I think that you guys are on of the best people that have been helping me move up as I make post. I am thanking you and you are the people that help this blog become the best! I would like to thank every one, because I am going to leave elementary school and this is the last time I am going to work here. I thank all the teachers that are at East Elementary and all the helpers. I would like to thank volunteers. I would also like to thank all the kids here. Their is also people that I am going to thank. One of them is Mrs. Perento and then their is also Ms. Coe last, but not least I would like to thank Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Snyder. All of the teachers that I have worked with are the best. I think that their is going to be way more better people that are going to come to them. I think that the people that really help me are Mr. Moore and Mrs. V. They were the one's that really helped me get all get my grades up and all of my things back on track. I actually love East. I know East is going to be one of the best school their is and soon they are going to be the best school their. They are coming up great, but slowly they are making their way. I love everything in East and you should too.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mass and weight

What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common? Every single type of matter has mass. Every type of matter also takes space up. Solid also takes up space like every other thing. Liquid has the same things in common and so gases. I think that all of this things have the one same thing in common.
What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?
How are weight and mass measured?
Mass is measured by a balance. Weight is measured by a scale. This things are measured by two different things and not the same. I think that this happens, because mass is what take up, and weight is well how much you way up too. 
How does changing the location of an object affect its mass or weight?
Moving anything in space or any other planet is able to change it's weight, but it doesn't change your mass. This is, because gravity is pulling more in, or is pulling more out of where you are. This is also on how much you weigh.
How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?
The mass of anything that you have is always the same, and so is the parts of the mass. This is, because of what you are and how you are. Your mass and mass parts are never going to change.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Respiratory System

What function do the lungs have?
The mouth and the nose is were air enters and leaves the body. The trachea is a tube that connects the mouth and nose, so the air goes down to the bronchi and lungs. Then after that this goes on and on so that we do not die and run out of the air. The mouth and the nose are also connected to the same tube, that both go to the lungs and are able to breath out carbon dioxide.
How does the respiratory system help the body? The respiratory system helps the body by delivering air to the lungs and breathing out carbon dioxide. The respiratory also relives waste form the body, so that we do not keep bad waste in the body.
How does air travel  through the respiratory system?
The air first starts to go through your nose or through your mouth. There the air goes to the trachea and bronchi which goes down. When that is over the air goes in lungs and the cells in you body get oxygenated by this little spheres that are really small. Then the air goes out and it comes out as carbon dioxide. Then it goes like that for as long as you live.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Dear friends

Thanks for looking at my blog, that I have made with help from my teachers. I am so happy that you are going to see it. I hope that you like it and that you will explore on it.
Thank you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do people want homework or not?

Homework: Too Little or Too Much? It Depends

Homework beginning to be a problem

"Amma Ababio, of Highland Park, is an 11th-grader at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. She is taking advanced classes this year. Ababio figures she does homework from about 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on school nights. She said her phone is off, her computer is off except for research and she even does homework while she eats dinner." When I read this I think that people are working hard and they are trying, but they get to much things and start to lose things like sleep. People like this are getting too much homework, or are not trying. I think that people either need less homework, or need to try harder in working.

Some people may not care

"Jermalle Johns, of the North Side, a sophomore at Pittsburgh Obama 6-12, is somewhere between the other two. He figures that on schooldays he spends “maybe an hour on homework tops.” He doesn’t think the homework helps much because he mostly learns from paying attention in class. “I get it done because it’s another grade that helps me get an A.” I think that this person Jermalle care's, but at the same time he is just doing it for a grade. I think that he care's and does get it done, but it sounds like he just gets the right amount of homework not much and to little. I think that he just likes how much homework that he is getting at were he is.

Why some people want more homework

"Imani Downing, of the North Side, is a sophomore at Pittsburgh Perry High School. She said she rarely gets homework and usually in just one class. “I feel like we should have homework in every class,” she said. That would allow for “more learning" and "a better chance to understand things.” Imani is one of the persons that believe that they need more homework. When you see it all though, more people say that they need less homework. I think that people are either lying, or telling the truth. I think that Imani just wants more homework to get better grades, while others don’t want homework.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The post of best book Award

I was on Jordan's blog and I was reading and he had a post that was great. I am now giving him an award and I think that he really needs it. It was great what I read he had this book and then it was great what he wrote, so think that he really deserves this award for doing what was great. What I really liked was that he was given out somethings like what may happen to the person in the book. I think that it was great and I love what he read. I think that you will like what he did and I think that he did some great work that was here. I think that you will like what he wrote.