Friday, September 13, 2013

Al Capone Does My Shirts paragraphs

At first, in the book Al Capone Does My Shirts, Moose has come back to school. Moose has no friends there. He does have a enemy there he says. Moose wants to get some friends so he can feel better. Moose is having a hard time in school.
I don't like that how they call Moose, when they should call him Flanagan. I like how the story takes place in Alcatraz. If I were the author I would change that they are in a little safer place. If there was one more thing that I can change, it would theme being somewhere that there are less criminals.
The problem is that Piper is being mean to Moose. Piper is the enemy to Moose. When is this going to stop? Moose is also being mean to Natalie. How is going to stop Moose and Piper? I hope they do stop fighting.

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