Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Al Capone Does My Shirts

What I dislike about your guys plan is why are we in groups, can't we just be together as a group? I like that we read the big funny books. I like how we get to bring our computers and go on Raz-Kids. I also like how I am in a high group with my favorite teachers. I like that we have to read a lot because I love reading.
what I have read so far is that the kids name is Natalie and she is seven and one quarter. She live's in a place called Alcatraz Island. They call it the devil's Island. Alcatraz is a famous prison were gangsters, murders, and bad people live. Her dad is also a police officer.
My opinion of  that it is great. I find it funny and great to read. It has a lot of pages to read so you don't get bored. It also looks like it is a mystery book. I love that I get to read a book that is on my grade level, and is good to read.
What the author has done well is, he has trapped me in the book. He is making it exiting to read this book. He has made it so great to read. He has done a great job on the book. He has not done anything bad. I want to keep on reading it. 

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