Friday, September 6, 2013


I have read that this kid lives in Alcatraz. Her dad works in Alcatraz. The girl is looking for what is happening in the tower.
I noticed that her dad is not always around the house. He is to busy working. He want to be with her darter, but he is to busy.
I saw that that there are gangs, killers, and bad guys I Alcatraz. Their are a lot of cops and guards in Alcatraz to catch the bad guys.
I learned that Alcatraz is not a good place to be. I also learned that Alcatraz nickname is devils island.
I wonder how they are going to stop all the bad guys in Alcatraz? How are they going to keep the people safe?  
Who is going to keep the people safe? What is going to  happen in the story. When are they going to stop all the chaos? Where are they going to go next?  Why are they going to the tower? How are they going to take out the bad guys. I think that they want to get  out of Alcatraz and go somewhere else.
I predict that they are going to get in trouble if they go in the towers.
I can connect to this to by not seeing my dad a lot.
I believe have a great time in the end.

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