Monday, September 23, 2013

My Important Notes

In the chapters I have read, Moose is trying go to the cell house. Moose has a little sister named Natalie. In the first chapter Moose and his family are living in Alcatraz. There are a lot of bad people that live in Alcatraz. There is a cell house the gangsters are living in. They have done something so bad. In one of the chapters, Moose takes care of his sister while his mom is getting more ice. Moose does not like how it turns out to be. In one of the chapter Moose goes back to school, but he has no friends a to be around. He says that he needs some friends.

In chapter 2, his mom goes and gets ice. Moose is stuck taking care of his sister. I think he doesn't want to take care of his sister. His mom comes back and Moose does not take care of his little sister Natalie anymore.        

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