Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Talk

Boys and Girls,

Today I have spend time on reading the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever By Jeff Kinney. This book is a great book for all you guys because it has been good reading it. I have read up to 182. That is how good this book as been to me from the beginning. This book is great for you guys cause it has humor and it is easy to read. It has a lot of pictures that are funny and make it easier for you guys. It has details. I choose this because I knew that it was going to be really good for me. It has been good because there is a lot of details. The author has done a really great job in making this book. I love this book. I recommend this book for you guys. You should try to read it if you have the time to. Well I need to go, well goodbye.  


  1. Brayan I love writing I like how you told it bit by bit. And did you want to put this book down? on the scale of 1-15 how was it?

  2. Brayan I liked how you say that it has humor and it has pictures. Also I liked that you said you liked the book and that it was a good book for you. What kind of details are there in the Diary of the wimpy kid cabin fever when you say it in your post? How did you know that you got the right book?

  3. Brayan I love the way you ended the post. Why did you like this book so much?