Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bridge to Teranithia Main Characters

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 I have stared a new book called, Bridge to Terabithia. 
Jesse is about to start 5th grade at Lark Creek Elementary school. He plans on being the fastest fifth grader in the school. Jesse is training every morning to accomplish this goal. Jesse has plenty of space to run because he lives in the country on a farm. Jesse lives with his mother, father, and four sister: Ellie, Brenda, May Belle, and Joyce Ann.

The other character that I have read a lot of is Leslie. Leslie has just  moved in next door to Jesse's family. Leslie lives with her mom and dad. Leslie also loves to run- just like Jesse. She will also be in 5th grade with Jesse at Lark Creek Elementary. Unlike Jesse, Leslie seems to stick up for her self. She is not worried about what other people may think about her. I think that this is a quality Jesse will like about her. I predict that they will fall in love because they both have some same things to love.

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