Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crash summary's 9 -15

In the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli, Crash starts seventh grade. This sounds not so good for Crash because Crash is always bad and now he is starting school. Scary. They seem to have a really short time in school. In chapter 10 the teachers are so mean to Crash. Why do they act so mean to Crash? The vice- principal smiled (chapter 12) at Crash is that good for Crash. This seems to be so good for Crash now. This is getting better every time.

In chapter 13 Crashes mom looks really mean. That is going to be a big problem for Crash. In chapter 14 it was Crash's first day of practice for football. This looks really interesting for me. This is really good news for Crash. In the last chapter that I had to read was that Crash loves how he looks in his shoulder pads.

Well I have to go, until next time, bye.

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