Friday, October 11, 2013

The characters of Crash

Dear readers,

In the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli, it has been really fun reading the book. I had been reading along and I admire Penn because he is really nice an he always is good to other people. He is nice because he invited Crash to eat dinner. He is also nice to Crash even thought Crash is mean to Penn. As I was reading I admired Crash because, he always acts like he is cool and he also chills out all the time. Crash is not so mean when I think about it, he is a little nice inside.

Crash is sometimes mean and sometimes nice to people. As I read I figure that I was a lot related to Crash. I am related to Crash because I am sometimes mean to my brother, Alex. I think that I am related to Crash that way. I am mean and so is Crash. This has been a fun book so far. We are all mean as we think about it. Everybody is mean in their own way when you think about it. I hope you guys read this book, it will be fun. See you guys next time that I post a blog post for you guys. Anyways goodbye guys. See you guys next time.

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