Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking For Scareface

I the next chapter they go out side. It is the middle of the winter and it is like a summer day. That was really strange. Moose forgot to ask scout his question for scout. Mom tricks Moose into baby-sitting her little sister Natalie. Moose has no Idea that he is baby-sitting his sister, how smart is his mom trying to trick Moose. Natalie wants to were here swimming cloths , but she can't do that. How is Moose going to stop his sister Natalie? I hope that Moose stops Natalie from wearing her swim cloths?  

The author is so good in trapping me in the book. I have read this book and it is getting better by every chapter. This book has so many details and has a lot of true stories about Al Capone. This is getting dangerous for the cast and the group. They are going to get in trouble if they keep on doing this. They are really brave to see Al Capone. What is piper doing to Moose. Is Al Capone trying to escape from his cell. This is not good for anyone.      

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