Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ready Set, Debate

Dear readers,

Today I am going to tell you guys why restaurants should let kids in. On page 7 in vol. 82 and no. 3. I am I am saying that we should let kids go in restaurants. One reason is that, it is good for the family to have a nice family dinner with each other. Meals are great for kids, but not every kid has someone that can cook for them, so they can get them at a restaurant.
The second reason is that some people can learn some new manners. Some people like going to the restaurants so they don't worry about what to cook for the family.
 The third reason is that some families don't have to cook for their families. Also, often kids get to try new foods at restaurants that might not have at home. Other people might say that they disagree, but I do not.
One reason that they disagree is that some parents won't have a lot of time to relax. I said that some parents don't have anytime to relax, so they can just have a nice dinner. Then they said that some of the family might act wild and crazy.
I said that we can just give them something to calm down the kid. The last one said that it will not have anytime for the parents to relax with each other. I said yes, but it will give the family time to relax and know what is going on with each other.
                                                                 Well that is it.
                                                                  see you later.

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