Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bridge to Terabithia

Ladies and Gentleman,

      In my Key Time group I am reading "Bridge to Terabithia" by Katherine Paterson. So far, Jesse has become friends with his new neighbor Leslie. Jesse has just gone into 5th grade. He stared training so he can be the fasted. Leslie and Jesse has made a place called Terabithia. The make things that are fake and they like to play with each other. Jesse and Leslie are the rulers of the kingdom.

The book has been great and it has been a good time for me to practice my reading. I am having a good time reading the book with my group. I am liking how Jesse is always practicing to get better at racing. This book looks good and it is fun for me and my group. I have gone to a lot of chapters and it has been good. I am trying to stop from reading it with put taking a peak. If you ever come close to reading it read it. I like the whole book and maybe you would like it to. I have read this book with Salma and I think that she loves it to. You can read about what she thinks about the story here.  

                                        Good bye 
                                        I will see you later.

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  1. Dear Brayan,
    It's me Guen. Anyway I love what you like about the and if I wasn't reading the book I would find it then read. What did you mean when you said " I am trying to stop from reading it with put taking a peak"? Good job you really made me want to read the book