Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chapters 9 - 8

Ladies and Gentleman,

I have read a great so far. I have read that it is almost Easter. Jesse is not so happy that it is almost Easter. He is even acting a little weird. I am so exited to see the next chapter that we are going to read next. I am hoping to see more of this book. Jesse is acting weirder and weirder. It is as if he had a evil spell on him. This does not seem to good for him. 

This has been fun reading this book. Their has been some new going on the book. Their is weird things going on. The author has been so fun for me and you may like it to. I want to find what nay go on next. This has been good for my reading and has done good to my reading. I am hoping that you guys can pick up this book and say that it is good. I like it and the author is great for making this books. I have a friend and she loves it to CLICK HERE. 

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