Friday, November 15, 2013

Dear fellow readers, 

I have started to read a new book called The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo.  Despereaux was born in a castle. His mom and family saw him for the first time. He had big ears, big eye's, and big feet, but he has really small. His family did not want to go near him because he was so different. They thought that he was a strange mouse. His mom was so selfish because she was upset that having a baby mouse made her look terrible.

I am loving this book so far. People think that it is long, but it really is not. I am so exited to read this book and you should read this book. I want to see the movie as well. You should read it and find out for yourself. The author has done a great job at making me want to read the book more. For example in one pat the narrator tells the reader, "Is it ridiculous for a very small, sickly, big eared mouse to fall in love with a beautiful human princess named Pea?" Doesn't that make you interested? This book is better than any book that I have read. If you guys find this book than you should really read it. Don't hate this book read it.  See you next time.


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