Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Tale of Despereaux Chapters 13 - 15

Dear readers,

I have been reading The Tale of Despereaux. In the chapters I read last night, Despereaux was roped down to the dungeon. It was very dark in there when I saw the picture. There are so many rats. There was a sad part when Despereaux was going to go and nobody really cared that he was going to the dungeon. Can you imagine your own brother to taking you to prison. Well Despereaux was sent down to the dungeon by his own brother. When he were in the dungeon, Despereaux was scared, but to be brave he told a story. Then a person grabs Despereaux and says that he can get him out of here, but his going to have to tell him a story. 

I have been reading this book and it has been fun. It was been sad, but it has been great as well. I am hoping that you guys are going to read it. The author has done great with trying to get me into the story. There has been a lot of sad parts, but it is a good chapter still. You guys will maybe like it if you check it out, because I know that I am liking the book so far. I wonder if despereaux is going to die. I predict that Despereaux is going to get out of there to freedom. I think when he gets out of there that he is going to go to the princess he is going to see what she is doing and he is going to do that so that they don't get him anymore. We can only hope. Click here to Guens posts. She ha sbeen intersted in this book as well. You should check this out
                                                                  by Brayan

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