Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Tale of Despereaux

 Dear readers,

I have been reading The Tale of Despereaux. Despereaux has broken the rules and his brother has told on him. His brother, Furlough, told the mouse council and Despereaux got into trouble. Other mice say that he should go to the dungeon with the rats, including his family. Could you imagine if your family didn't vote for you. Well Despereaux's family did not vote for his freedom. His own brother was walking him to the dungeon. Everybody was just being mean to Despereaux just because he was different. Despereaux had a chance to be free by saying sorry, but this is what he said, " 'No I will not. NO', and this time he did not whisper."

This book has been fun reading, but it is very sad because the have to tie his neck to a rope to lower him to the dungeon (page 60). So far there has been no good luck for Desperaux. There has been a lot of action because he has to get to the music, and there has been a lot of sad things (page 35). If you see it in the library than you should try to read this book. I think that you guys might be able to enjoy this book. I am enjoying it and maybe you will like this book even more than I do.  Well got to go. See you guys next time. Now click here to see someone else blog. It is good because she has done a lot of work and I really like what she said.


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