Monday, December 9, 2013

About Weather


Dear readers,
I am going to tell you what I have learned so far. Weather affects what we do and how we dress. Weather can be different in many in many ways from place to place. A weathers climate is what it is usually like for a long period of time. Even in the same place, weather can be different from day to day or hour to hour. Weather changes all the time. Without a good weather forecast we might be in danger. People that make weather forecast are called meteorologists. A hurricane is a severe type of weather with strong winds and heavy rains. A barometer measures the air pressure. Changes of the air pressure shows that the weather is going to change. Sometimes a high pressure area surrounds a low pressure area. The world record for the highest wind speed is 372 kilometers per hour. The The wind reached this speed in April 1934, Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Warm air is rising. Therefore, the warm air above the equator rises. The air then rises to the poles. As the air rises to the poles, it cools, Eateries from east to the west. They bring cold air down. In February 2007, the space shuttle was on a launch pad when a thunderstorm suddenly struck. The shuttles fuel tank damaged. Winds blew over 100 kilometers per hour. The damaged was caused by hail. Hail is one type of perception. With weather you can't have one without the others. The  sun sends heat to the Earth. The warm air rises and grows and makes the air lower. Cold air takes up less air it slakes and makes the air go higher. In between the cold air goes hot air to even out the air. When that happens over and over it is called a circulation. Remember heat, pressure,and wind are never apart. Now my essential questions. What is weather. I said Weather is the state of the atmosphere at one time and place. Then what causes weather to change? Weather changes because air pressure changes. Then what is wind? I said Wind is the movement of air to one place from another. What causes wind? I said Wind is caused by heat warming up the earths surface to different temperature's in different places. Then what are the different between types of precipitation? I said precipitation is water that is released  from the sky. This includes rain, snow, and hail. I have learned that  air pressure is force that air outs in a area. I have also learned that a  barometer is a tool that measures air pressure. I learned as well that  circulate is when something goes around and around. I learned that climate is the average conditions in a area. I also know that  temperate is something that does not have extremes of hot or cold. Weather is the properties of  the atmosphere at a given time and place. Precipitation is water that is released from the sky. Rain is water that is released from the sky. Hail is icy balls that fall from the sky. Well that all see you next time.

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