Monday, December 2, 2013

The Tale of Desperuax Book the second

Dear readers,

When we went on break I read the second book of The Tale of Despereaux. The narrator introduced a new character named Chiaroscuro, but everyone calls him Roscuro. Roscuro is a rat not a mouse. Roscuro is getting hypnotized to become a rat because he does different things then the rats. Roscuro loves the light. There is a person in the prison and you can not believe what he did. He gave his own daughter for a blanket. I can tell that  he does not like being in there.

I think that this book has been good so far. I think that this is good for any forth or fifth grader. The author is doing great when he is making the book. This is what she says "A rat she shouted. A rat is banging from the chandelier". Then Roscuro fell into the queens soup and then the queen died from a heat attack. I am liking this book because it has great and bad things that are going on.The bad thing is Despereaux is in the dungeon and he is trying to find a way out, but it is very hard to get out of there. The good thing is that he is getting help from Gregory, the jailer. Well that's all I got, see you next time. To see other other people in my groups blog Click Here.

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