Monday, December 16, 2013

This I Believe

If I have one operating philosophy about being a student it is: being good to any kid that is good.

Principle 1: Being good is a practice in forgiveness. You could get more respect and get more friends this way. You could be able to be nice to him. One day a kid was kicking me and pushing and was acting like a bully and he was mean, but I just smiled back and I said its ok. Its when I wonder that the kid is just broke down from something that happened to him, that is why I just let it go bye and forget all about. I could of fight and tell everyone that he is the mean, but I just let it all go and not even remember it. And if I do get mad I will just calm down and say what is the point in fighting. Just when I feel like being mean and sticking out the finger. It would be a practice in respect because there is a lot of disrespect in this school. That is why we should follow this and be good to the people that are good us.

Principle 2: Being good to anyone is practice in goodness. Really all of us have been mean to someone; we have been the bully one time. Does it feel good to be mean or does it feel bad? If you feel bad then it is good for you to say sorry to the person that you have been mean to. If it feels good then you have to start being nicer to the person. You can be really nice and good things happen to you, or you can be mean and just get a sock filled with coal when christmas comes. That is why you should be good to anyone that you see, then a smile on your face will be good for you any day.

Principle 3: Being good to anyone is like honoring the person that you respect. It makes you remember how nice you are. And if you see anyone in need of help you should go over there and you should help them with what is going wrong. If you see anyone being bullied you should go and help that person and tell the teacher what is going on. And remember that you should be good to anyone even though they are mean to you and anyone else, you can make them have a smile on there face.

Well I hope that that was some good news for who ever is reading. This has been a great talk and if this ever happens to you follow this steps and you will have a smile on your face for the rest of you life.

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