Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weather Data

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Air pressure is a force put on an area. Air pressure can be dangerous and that is not good. That is why we should be in the house when this is happening. Air pressure can go up to speeds that are really fast. They can be measured by a barometer. I learned that scientists use a barometer, which is a tool used to measure air pressure. This tool can help us by telling on what is going on with the air. This is a good source to use. The barometer is great to use.  I learned from this that climate is the average weather conditions in an area. Climate is also different kind of temperatures. There's a lot of different things that can happen because of this. 
I learned that data is a measurement or observations. Data can also show something and can be in something like project. Data can be useful in a lot always.  I learned that degree is a unit of measurement or temperature. Degree can also be on anything like a measurement.  What I learned is the  forecast is a prediction about what the weather will be like in the future based weather. Forecast can also tell us if anything that is going on.From what I learned I know that predict is to guess what will happen in the future. Predict is also making a guess that is helpful to someone or about something. I know that temperature is the measure of how hot or cold the air is outside. Temperature also tells us how it can be outside. It can help us a lot. This is what I know about thermometer (weather) is a device used to measure temperature. This device helps us to see what we were. This what I learned weather is the properties of the atmosphere at a given time and location, including temperature, air movement and prescription

Essential Questions: 

What are four common tools used to measure weather conditions? A is one 
barometer, a is second thermometer, an is third anemometer, and a rain gauge are all the tools.

What do the four common tools each measure? A barometer is used to measure
air pressure that there is. A thermometer is used to measure air temperature both hot and cold. An anemometer is used to measure wind speed and how much it is going up to. A rain gauge is used to measure rainfall that is here.

What are three tools meteorologists use to look for weather patterns and forecast weather?
  Meteorologists use satellites and radar to help see weather on a large scale. They also use weather maps to show how weather patterns move. These three things help them forecast the weather. This helps use in a lot of ways. The forecast needs this a lot.

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