Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blue hooded men?

Please share your thinking about the blue hooded people. Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.
I am felling strange about how the blue hooded men are. I think that they are other creatures that we do not know about. They are so hiding something from us. Do you think that they are like creatures too?  I think that all of them are the same. Why do you think that they are hooded and do not let us see anything that they are hiding under the hood? Do you think that they can actually be real? I hope that they are not, because that would be weird and that would creep me out just by hearing were that all leads up to. I think that they are like people that are afraid of other people and have not really have been near them. Have they even seen them under that hood. I wonder if I can see a picture of them. They sound like they are old and look strange to other people. Would you like to see one of this people? I sure hope that I would never see this people, because they sound like they are going to lead up to somewhere that is not good. Would you ever follow this people to a place that is weird and is strange? I would like to see were they live, but at the same time it is like going through a place that is no other than this place. I wonder what it would look like and how it would be like going through that place. It sounds like they are little. I think that Steve is just trying to make one of them talk so he can see what they say. They are also freaked out in a way. They have to sell things, but that is it. What are they going to do next? I wonder what is going to go wrong next. Can they actually do anything while they are here? I think that Steve is going to follow them and then see what they are going to do over there. But what can they do. They can't do anything to the people so what is the use in following the guys over were they are. I am not sure that they can do anything, the only thing that they can do is sell things to other people without them talking to them. I am not sure that Steve can follow them to were the guys live, it would be hard and you can not really know were they are going to go next to. It is like going to somewhere that is freaky and really really weird. It is not going to make sense if they go somewhere that they are not supposed to go then go to another place were they are not supposed to go. This is really getting strange.

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