Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Creepy and lonely

Dear readers,
I am going to tell you what I read last night out of my book. The guys are walking down a lonely and scary street. It was flaky and their was drawings and it was just not a good place to go to. It was freezing. They were walking close to a light. Then Steve found a door. Then "Steve showed no fear". It was cold and it was ten o'clock tell midnight. Suddenly when they went in the house they were scared. Then out of nowhere their was a man the was tall. His head almost touched the ceiling. He also had huge hands that were bony and weird. The mans name was Mr. Tall. Steve and Darren then asked him were Cirque Du Freak was. Then he said that they were their. Then Darren and Steve gave Mr. Tall the owner of the show. He also knew Darren's name and how they won their tickets and he just knew everything. It was weird and I just did not understand how he knew this. Then they went inside the show. They said that Cirque Du Freak was banned because, Their was bad things that was going on and that it is very dangerous to do this things. It was weird and it was really freaky. I did not like the way this was going. This is good and I hope you read it. See you next time.       

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