Monday, January 27, 2014

Digestive System

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I am gong to tell you what I have learned. 
I have learned that abdomen the part of an animal body located between the thorax and pelvis. This is good to the animal it can make it stay alive. This is good for people to because it can make us stay alive too. This also keeps the animals alive so that we can see the animals.

Absorb is to take in matter of energy. This is like a sponge as well. Absorb is when like you drink something so that you are absorbing it and you can drink it and taste the flavor. Absorb is like a sponge absorbing water or a liquid, that represents the water that we are absorbing. 
anatomy-The structure of a living thing. This is something good as well because it keeps us  alive with all the other lining creatures that are in this world.
A anus is the opening at the end of the digestive track where faces exit the body. This is also like when you eat something and it comes out in the end. It is weird, but it is what needs to happen to we do not die.
The digestion is the process by which the body breaks down food so that it can be used for energy. Digestion can help us to so that we can eat easier and that we do not choke. It really helps us a lot, because if we did not have it we would be choking a lot. 
Digestive system is when the body system that breaks down food into tiny pieces so that the body’s cells can use it for energy. This will helps us with a lot of things that gives us energy.
Energy (organisms) is the ability to work or cause change. It is power and something that is going to keep us moving. This is going to give us a lot of movement.
Esophagus is a muscular tube that helps move from the mouth to the stomach. This gets the food to the stomach. That is what we need to give us that food. The is good for us and other people.
Gland is a group of cells in the body that releases substances that affect the body. That is when you us the bathroom so that something bad goes out. This is like when the things that you eat comes out. This is waste that we do not need in our body.
Intestine is an organ of the digestive system that removes nutrients and water from digested food. This is a way that the nutrients and water go apart to give us what we need. This can really be good to us.
Liver is an organ of the digestive system that makes chemicals to help the body break down fats and rid itself harmful substances. That is the same thing that we us the bathroom. It can help us so that we get rib of the bad things that are in us.
Mouth is a part of digestive system that takes food into that body. This is what makes that food smaller so that we can swallow it into the stomach. This is what we really need so that we can get that energy.
Nutrients is a substance such as a fat, a protein, or a carbohydrate that a living thing needs to survive..
Protein is a nutrient used by animals.
saliva is liquid  in the mouth that helps digest the food. Saliva is also what water that is what we put over what we are eating. The saliva is going to put itself over the food th goes in the mouth and then it is going to make it softer so that we can be able to eat it.
stomach is a muscular organ in the body were chemical and medical digestion takes place. This what helps us eat the food that we put in. That is what we put in is like a storage. The food that we eat then goes into the stomach and then it goes through a lot of things. Then in the end well we have to us the bathroom were that waste goes out and is not in the body anymore.
sugar is chemical compound that organs use for energy. Sugar is what makes a plant stay alive. It is good because that plant would die if it did not have that. We need that to so that we stay active.
system-A group of related objects that work together to perform a function. This is what we need so that we can stay together.If we did not have this spots in the part that they need to be we would not stay good.
tongue-An organ in the mouth that helps in eating and speaking. This is what helps us to say words that we do not say good. That that does help us too. This is good and we really need this a lot. This is what is going to keep the food that we eat good and chewy.
Essential Questions:
What are the important organs in the digestive system and what are their functions? The stomach, pancreas, and intestines are the real main organs in the digestive system. the stomach either store or breakdown that food that we eat. Digested food goes into the intestines. Some food are absorbed in the small intestines. Then the large intestines absorbs the water and excretes solid waste. Then the pancreas produces digestive enzymes.
How does the digestive system help the body? The digestive system breaks the food that we eat so we do not choke and so that it is available to provide energy and nutrients to all of the cells our body.
How does food travel through the digestive system?
The food that we eat enters the mouth where we chew and make it into small pieces. In the stomach, a strong acids break down proteins and kill most bacteria. Some nutrients are absorbed directly from the stomach into the blood which will help us. Next, the food passes to the small intestine where bile makes fats absorbable and most other sugars and proteins enter the bloodstream. Also, the food moves into the large intestine where water is absorbed.

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