Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Steve is mean

What is your opinion of Steve? Would you like to have a friend like him? Why would having a friend like him be a good thing? How could that kind of friend be a not-so-good thing in your life?

If had a friend like Steve I would not like him. I would not like him because, he would be mean and would be rood. It would also, in the book it says that "Steve once got a sharp stick and threw it to the lady (no points for guessing were it went). Then he also steels from the store and fights with other people. I would not like to have a friend like Steve if you ask me. It just would not work out if I had a friend like Steve. It would be to much work to get him out of trouble. I would also get in trouble myself. If I ever have a friend like Steve it would not be a good world for me and my other friends. Having a friend like Steve is like crossing the line. He can try to kill me and that will not turn out good for ether of us. How do they even let him go to this school? Why does he do this things though? Why does Steve parents just let him of the hook when he does this things? This is why being a friend with Steve is not good, well for me. The bottom line is that I do not want to have a friend like Steve it would be weird and it would freak me out for the rest of my life. If I could relate to Steve I would not like to be him, it would just look bad to be him and it is just like he mean and weird that is why I would not like to be like him. He is to bad and Steve does not have a lot of good things. He with me would be the worst combination in the whole wide world. It would not be so, fun to see what is going to Steve in his life to see what is going on. I think he does not like being this way he just act like this because, he is just mad and feeling like pain. He is like bulling people. 

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  1. Brayan I agree with what you said about it will be hard to get Steve out of trouble. I like your word choice. I wonder if you where thinking about the other side about how is Steve good in Steve's on good way.