Thursday, January 9, 2014

The post note

The author uses some awesome vocabulary in chapter two. Please write a response to this chapter in which you share your thoughts about going to a freak show. Do you think freak shows still happen? If you received an invitation to go, would you accept? Use at least three of the following terms in your post: pamphlet, faint-hearted, advertisement, con men, malformed, hoax, and cesspit.

If I got a flyer to go to the show I think that I would go. Well it depends because, you never know what is going to happen in there. It would be weird and mysterious to go to the circus. If I went with somebody I guess that I would go. You just don't what is going to happen. What is Steve going to do if he comes to this place. I would be afraid if I went with Steve. The circus can be filled with weird things when they they go to this freaky place. Would you go to the circus with Steve? It would just be a hoax. I would rather pick up cesspit then go to the circus with Steve or, just go by myself. Steve is also like a con man which is really bad for the people in the circus and for the people that come to the circus. I wonder what is going to happen when the guys. Do you think that the guys are going to see anything strange if they go to the freak show. In away I think that I relate to this because I would like to go see a freak show, but I don't now if anyone bad is going to come in or something real that was scary actually did happen. It would depend on how I look at how the freak show looks and acts like. It would be fun to go to one this things and I would do what Steve go to the show that would be fun, but hard to get the money and stuff like that. Steve is really pushing it this time. I would like the plan if it improved, but Steve wouldn't like to change, especially because it is coming soon. It is hard to relate to Steve, because you I just feel that he does bad things and he can be behind this plan and would not be cool what would happen to him and the other people that are around. It is hard I think that they should not go to the freak show, their really just doing something that they are not supposed to do and they are really just going to get in more trouble as they go forward and more forward. This is going to get better and better as it comes to this. I can't wait to read the next chapter. See you guys next time.


  1. ~Brayan- I think that they will see something at the freak show because it is a freak show but what will happen if they do see something that isn't supposed to be there but what if it really is real and not just a trick?

  2. @ Brayan I Really like how you describe every detail in the story that there is.