Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Show

Choose one character from this book and explain why they are your favorite character. What makes a great character? How did the character change in the story?

My favorite character is Darren. Darren may be a scary cat, but he just goes with it. He never chickens out though he is scared. He can be nice or mean sometimes. Darren and Steve are like buff. They are are strong and they do not back out. Darren may get out when Steve is going to fight but he does that so he does not get into trouble. They can be mean to each other sometimes, but they will always be friends. There parents may not approve it, but they don't care about what they say or do. They like being together as friends and they would not hate each other. They are great together, but team working is there best thing to do. I like how Darren and Steve trust each other and they are a chain. They will never like stab each other in back. They will always like to be friends because they are not going to brake the chain that they have for being friends. They will always stay together. If you had a friend that you like so much and you never saw them than you would be nothing? Would you just have to talk to them play with anytime and be with them any day of your life? This is what Darren and Steve are holding right here. If they are both gone than the other does not have anything that is really good than. You know that you have a friend by your side. Steven and Darren are doing that right now. They will always be with each other.

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  1. Brayan I like your word choice and your thinking about Darren. I wonder if you like the book so far and I wonder what do you think that book will end. I like everything that you have that's all.