Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weather Pattterns

 I am going to show what I have done so far.
Here are my essential questions. What are air masses? I said that, air masses are huge areas of air with the same temperature and humidity. Air masses are warm and cool clouds. They can not travel in a straight line though. Here is the next question. What happens when different air masses meat? I said this, when two air masses meat it creates wind, storm, and front. The front then goes around and goes to other places. They also do not go in straight lines. Next question. How does air and ocean current affect global weather? The jet stream is a global air current that moves air from one part of the earth to somewhere else, contributing to different weather patterns. The warm water affects weather in countries that are to the Atlantic Ocean. Here is the last question. What does a weather map show? This what I said. A weather map shows measurement, temperature, how fast wind goes, wind direction, locations of fronts, perception, and air pressure. Meteorologists make this measurements using batoermeters, thermometers, anemometers, and rain gauges. They also tell us how the weather is going to be. Now I am going to tell you about my vocabulary words. Air pressure can also be measured and it is measured by a Cloud- A collection of water droplets or crystals in the atmosphere. Front- In weather, the boundary between two masses of air with different properties. humidity-The measure of how. map-A flat model of an area. Model- A drawing object, or idea that represents a real event, object, or process. temperature (weather)-The measure of how hot or cold the air is outside. Tropical Describing a climate that is very hot and humid, describing an area of Earth that is near the equator.

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