Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Steve is mean

Now that you’ve read chapter 13 and 14, how has your opinion of Steve changed? If you have not changed your opinion, then explain about how Steve is still the person you thought he was in the beginning.

I am not changing my mind about Steve. He is still lining and telling people lies. I am not chaining it because of that. Why does Darren even like him? When the hooded guy came he lied to him. What was going on with that. He should just stop with what he is doing. That was just rood and I think that he should stop. Steve should stop with the bad and go in with the good. There was just a bad thing that he was doing and he was mean to the people. Do you guys think that Steve should stop? He is doing bad stuff that are not good. I think that people do not like Steve because, he is not nice and that really affects people by what he is doing. I wonder if he was treated bad or if something was going to with him. He should not do that again. Why does he do that? This is bad and he can have a lot of more problems when he is growing up. I wonder what goes on in his house when he goes to his house. Though Steve is mean and weird he is growing to be strong. He is actually telling the truth and that is good. He is not acting mean anymore. Can Steve actually be turning into mean to nice? This actually good, but can he keep this going still? I wonder if he is going to stay like this and if he does than he is doing good and he should keep it up. I might think of changing that Steve is actually good. I wonder if something is coming to him to change that he is doing something good. This is a good mystery for them because Steve is actually good. This good and I am wondering if he is going to keep this up. If this goes on the books are going to be so good. This is actually good because Steve is joining a vampire. This is so cool, but is he going to use this for good or is he going to use it for bad? This is big and bad at the same time. This is what Steve said"I want to join you"(page 103).  

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  1. I also think that Steve is mean he is rude. Do you like the book so far and why. I like your writing and you have some mistakes hear and there but all in all its a very good writing. Is the book good or bad.