Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So far you've seen some of the show. What do you think is the most impressive act, and what do you think is coming next in the show? 

I like wolf-man out of all the characters. Wolf-man is like Tarzan in a way. He is ugly and looks gross and "Steve says that he has a small piece over his middle"(This is on page 56). He just funny in a way. He does look weird and looks like a hobo, but I like werewolves. He is acting like a were-wolf and he is a ugly were wolf it is just that you never know what is going to happen to them. The were wolf guy acts weird and looks weird. He is weird and he looks weird. It is funny for me and that is just weird. Why is were wolf guy like this? He is weird and he looks weird by just how they tell him by. They should stop this show it is just weird. That is why they call it a freak show then. If only they would stop this people would be very happy. They have done somethings that are weird. Wolf man should not be in this even though he is a freak. He has nothing to do there. Well that is it. See you next time.  


  1. @ Brayan how do you know he looks like Tarzan have you seen him before? Brayan you have done a great job of writing this and I can tell you are doing your homework.

  2. ~Brayan
    I think that you used he was ugly a little to much but you didn't tell your viewers that he is a savage. I really like your post because you explained the similarities between the wolf man and a were-wolf. I also liked how you wrote about how all he had was a piece of cloth and not some clothes.

  3. Wow Bro this was some great thinking of yours. I like how you used great detail in your post. You were really digging in deep. If I was Mr.Moore I would give you a 4.