Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bugs who love bugs

                  In the article Bugs who love bugs it talks about how stink bugs do. In the beginning it is going to tell who much damage that they did and how they live in the winter. Well in 2010 and in 2011 they made a lot of damage. Then after that years all that damage that they did was no more. It some of the paragraph it says that stink bugs can survive through the winter. They can "live in dead or fallen trees" and that is what they need to survive. I think they do this so that they do not die from the cold winter.

"Scientists spray something to keep the stink bugs away, but at the same time it also keeps insects that help the plant to grow". I think that the scientists are doing this for good, but at the same time they are keeping the bugs away which is bad for the plant, so it is not a win-win for either if them. Scientist have been seeing the stink bugs population. This way they can be able to see how many there are, but they can't see the exact population of how they have growth. The scientists have also have put out samples of apples and peaches to see if any stink bugs were there. I think as they do this, they are trying to set up a trap for them to see if they are really going to go into the fruit.

Slowly some animals have seen the stink bugs and have eat them. Some of the scientists are thinking of bringing in some animals to protect the fruit. They say that it will take a long time to get the animals in and ready to do this. They are thinking of bringing in wasps to keep the stink bugs away. This way the wasps lay there eggs on the stink bug and then when the eggs hatch the first thing that they eat will be the stink bug. There is also like the wasp getting to a bigger troop and that will cause a lot of damage to our crops. Then it is bad for the people that are allergic to the wasp. It is just going to make a problem. . 

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