Monday, February 3, 2014

Darren the vampire

How do you think is the vampire assistant? Well I think that it is going to be Darren Shan. I think this because he is good for this. He actually is (I think) ready to do this. I think that the vampire (Mr. Crepsely) is going to ask if he wants to be assistant. Well sure Steve wants to be the assistant, but he really can't be this because he is not really good at this and I do not think that he is going to do a good job at this. On the other side it looks like Darren is going to be a able to do something that is bad. He does not look like he is going to be really bad, but he is going to may be the one that the vampire really needs to look for? I am thinking yes, but at the same time I am thinking no. I do not think that Darren would really want to be a vampire, because he is more like one of those boys that really doesn't like doing things like this. I can not see what is going to happen to them.

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  1. Brayan I think you need to add text from the book more often because I don't see that it is supporting you thinking. But I like how you are making great word choices and. How you add the vampire than you put the name. I also agree with your thinking I think that Darren will be a vampire.