Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Darren?

Do you think Darren regrets his decision to become a vampire? WHy or why not? Use evidence from the text (with quotation marks, page numbers and paragraph numbers) to support your thinking. 

I think that Darren does regret being a vampire. To add on, he was not the one that wanted to be the vampire. Also, Steve was the first on that wanted to be the vampire. Steve is not the vampire and I think that Steve is going to be mad at what Darren is doing right here. Darren is going to feel dumb with what he is doing this. It is not good that it is bad and it is not good what Darren is doing. Inside him Darren is feeling weird and strange. It is not good with what Darren is doing here. This is not good for him. This is what he said though (It seemed crazy looking back). I think that this is good, because he is feeling crazy about this. I think that he should not fake his death this would just be weird.

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