Monday, February 10, 2014

How I would say this...

If you had to “say a silent goodbye” to everything and everyone, where would you go and what would you do? How would your silent goodbyes compare with Darren’s?

Well, I think that I would say my goodbye by a letter. If I were already fake dead like Darren, I would say goodbye by the letter. Well this is the that I would tell goodbye to my family. I think that this compared to Darren, because well Darren already faked his death and I think that his goodbye's are going to be like him outside of his house and then he says it silent. What I would be doing though is that I would just put a letter in before my death and then I would do this. Then the family would just know that I said my goodbye. Darren already said goodbye which is sad, because people were crying and then they were sad with what was going and I think that Darren really wants to back out and just go to his family. That is what would want to do if I had to leave my family. If I really had to do this than I would do this in a letter, but I would not tell them what is going on. Will if I did this I wouldn't like to, but if I did I would make a letter. I think it is like Darren, but I would not say what is going on or what is happening.

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