Thursday, February 27, 2014

Libraries are changing

Some libraries are changing
“Then she saw the Teen Tech Center at the Minneapolis Central Library.We have a library and everytime we go in it does not change. The center has rows of new computers and iPads. I think that libraries are turning into places that is more like a technology place. It has the latest video equipment. It even has its own recording studio. I think that the library is actually changing by all the money they get from donations or books. “Growing up, I used to be super into reading. I think that the libraries are just getting this things, so they don't by more books and more. That’s what I thought libraries were for,” said Yakob, 18. Now she is a member of the library's Teen Tech Squad. As a member of the tech squad, she helps other kids use the latest technology.”
Too much technology!

“Librarians were once just experts on helping people find books. Now, they have become experts at finding information online as well. People that work I think they are having fun and also getting to know how to use the technology there.They help people with everything from how to use a computer to Facebook. I Think that people are going in their for things that they want to do like go on facebook.”People value the Internet almost as highly as books. This is according to a 2013 Pew Research Center study. I think that libraries are getting to moch things like this and really are finding out what to do. Most people who go to the library said that borrowing books was “very important.” I think that what the libraries are doing is good, but they don't really need all things like this. About the same number said free Internet also was “very important.”Libraries began offering a lot more technology after many people lost their jobs in 2008. Job seekers needed to learn computer skills.
Using the library at home
“They come and ask me for e-book help. They usually end up with a little bit more,” said Andrea Egbert. She works for the Anoka County library system. I think that poeple are now having a way to use the library by just reading in their homes. Some people walk in with new e-readers, still in the box. They don't know how to turn them on. Some people are just used to using regular books, becuase they really don't know how to use the ipads and stuff there.Others ask how to share photos and videos online. Most librarians are happy to help. But they can't always solve the problem. I think that people are slowly figuring out how to use the technology that thier is. If your iPad won’t turn on because you dropped it in the bathtub, they will likely send you elsewhere. People their don't just fix your problem though, I think that they can't just fix everything that they bring in. This means that people may not visit their library as much. They may never actually see the librarian they "chat" with. People can download e-books without going to the library. And students can get free homework help by chatting with tutors on the Internet. Librarians don't complain about these changes. 


  1. I think that you did a good job in your writing. I think that you have great details from the text. I think that your thinking is hard to find because there is a lot of great text and I think that you should have a lead because in the bigging and say your stuff like just say what have you read and your three main points should also be in the lead.

  2. I really like how you had so much evidence from the text. But I would also like to see what you think about all of the quotes. Why do you think that the technology is bad? cant you read on computers and do work on them?