Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Steve is good

What are you thoughts about getting Steve the help he needs? Will Doctors be able to help? Will Darren be able to help? Will Steve die? Is there any other way that Steve’s situation might be resolved? Why do you think Mr. Crepsley smiled at Darren?

I am thinking that the doctors are going to be able to fix Steve up, because I do not think that they are going to kick him out like that. He is one of those characters that we need so that the story can just be going along. If he is kicked out of the story than the story is not going to be the same as it going to be. So, I do think that that they are going to fix him, so that the story is going to be that same as it is right now. I think that Mr. Crepsley smile at Darren cause he knows that they got the spider and now Steve is bitten. I think that he is not going to be happy with Mr. Crepsley when he goes to see what really happened to Steve. I don't think that Darren is even going to see what is going up in there. I think that you guys would agree that Steve should not get the spider, because then he would not be were he is right now. This is not good for anybody, because they are not in a good place that they should be right now. Steve is past out and like almost everybody is worried with what is going to happen to Steve. I do think that he is going to make it, but other people think that he is not going to make it, because this is a bad bit that is going through him. This is not good right now for anybody.

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  1. ~Brayan
    I am wondering how do you think that Steve is going to be fixed? Why do you think that they should not kill him?