Thursday, February 13, 2014

The end

The reading assignment is to complete this book and a final reflection before you come to school on Tuesday morning. In your final reflection, consider all of the following questions. Please answer each question in it’s own paragraph. If you know that you will not be able to access your blog at home, please complete the assignment on paper before you come to class on Tuesday.

1. What was great about this book? I think that what was great about the book was that how it all came to be. I mean like Darren turned out to be the vampire and how he would help Steve even if Steve is mean to him. I think that in the end Steve has not been mean so far. I think that he really turned out to be good in the end and would stay like this for a little more.
2. Where there things that you did not like (or that you would change) about this book? What I would change would be how the spider bit Steve in the neck. I would change that because, like the more the story went the more that Steve was not in there. I think that it was bad that the spider bit him as well and I think that they just stop writing about him from there. I think that it was bad how they took him out though.
3. Why do you think that Mr. Moore chose to give this book to the group? I think that he chosen this game because it is good and that we like reading this book. I think that he chosen this to because, it was good for us and we really liked it. I think that he kept it like this, because the book was like fitting in and we liked it even more. I think that we just kept it like this then and we liked it for a long time
4. How did this book help you as a reader? I think that this book really gave us more intelligent and really helps us get up. I also think this because, there was a lot of good things in this book and that it was great reading it. I think that the more that we read the bigger our brain went, because this book was big and was really fun reading this book. I think that the guys had a good time reading this book too.
5. How did this book help you as a writer? I think that this helped us as a book because, it let us give what we know and see what we know about this book. I think that we can also write something from what we have learned. I think that when we explained what we did in our paragraphs the more that he had to think about what we have read. I think that this helped us a lot and it was fun doing this and I think that I would like to do this more times.

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