Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mass and weight

What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common? Every single type of matter has mass. Every type of matter also takes space up. Solid also takes up space like every other thing. Liquid has the same things in common and so gases. I think that all of this things have the one same thing in common.
What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?
How are weight and mass measured?
Mass is measured by a balance. Weight is measured by a scale. This things are measured by two different things and not the same. I think that this happens, because mass is what take up, and weight is well how much you way up too. 
How does changing the location of an object affect its mass or weight?
Moving anything in space or any other planet is able to change it's weight, but it doesn't change your mass. This is, because gravity is pulling more in, or is pulling more out of where you are. This is also on how much you weigh.
How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?
The mass of anything that you have is always the same, and so is the parts of the mass. This is, because of what you are and how you are. Your mass and mass parts are never going to change.

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