Monday, April 14, 2014

Respiratory System

What function do the lungs have?
The mouth and the nose is were air enters and leaves the body. The trachea is a tube that connects the mouth and nose, so the air goes down to the bronchi and lungs. Then after that this goes on and on so that we do not die and run out of the air. The mouth and the nose are also connected to the same tube, that both go to the lungs and are able to breath out carbon dioxide.
How does the respiratory system help the body? The respiratory system helps the body by delivering air to the lungs and breathing out carbon dioxide. The respiratory also relives waste form the body, so that we do not keep bad waste in the body.
How does air travel  through the respiratory system?
The air first starts to go through your nose or through your mouth. There the air goes to the trachea and bronchi which goes down. When that is over the air goes in lungs and the cells in you body get oxygenated by this little spheres that are really small. Then the air goes out and it comes out as carbon dioxide. Then it goes like that for as long as you live.

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