Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hi people that are reading this,
this is going to be the last ever post that I am going to make. I am so sad that this is going to be the last time that you will here from me and my posts. I think that all of the people that see this have been a help to my blog. I think that you guys are on of the best people that have been helping me move up as I make post. I am thanking you and you are the people that help this blog become the best! I would like to thank every one, because I am going to leave elementary school and this is the last time I am going to work here. I thank all the teachers that are at East Elementary and all the helpers. I would like to thank volunteers. I would also like to thank all the kids here. Their is also people that I am going to thank. One of them is Mrs. Perento and then their is also Ms. Coe last, but not least I would like to thank Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Snyder. All of the teachers that I have worked with are the best. I think that their is going to be way more better people that are going to come to them. I think that the people that really help me are Mr. Moore and Mrs. V. They were the one's that really helped me get all get my grades up and all of my things back on track. I actually love East. I know East is going to be one of the best school their is and soon they are going to be the best school their. They are coming up great, but slowly they are making their way. I love everything in East and you should too.


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