Science Vocabulary

Dear readers,

    I am going to tell you everything I have learned. I have learned that there are very small things living in the soil. I have also seem that the smaller they get the the more particles there are. I have also learned that some rocks are different than others. The first rock is a slate rock. A slate rock is permeable which means that water does not suck in. Slate is not going to split, even if you try it well not. If you try to wear it out it well not rub of. Slate does not look like it floats and it does not. The second rock is marble. The marble is hard and great for the top of a shelf.marble does not go in the water and sicks it up. If water goes on marble it well stay there. Marble is strong, so don't even try to brake it. Marble does not rub of if you rub it of. It does not float because it is strong.. The next rock is chalk. Chalk is permeable and water well actually it well just stay there . Chalk just splits only one piece of it. Chalk well wear on anything that it rubs on. Chalk well sink to the bottom if you put it in water. The next rock is granit. Granit is does not suck in water. Granit is strong it will not go into half. It does not rub on things that you rub on to. It is strong it will not float. The next rock is Pumice. Pumice is does suck in the water that you put on it. It does not wear of. Pumice looks strong, but it floats. I am going to tell you guys things that are good for your plant now. The first it soil. The best soil that you wants is soil that decayed organisms. The next thing is the necessary things to humans and plants. Soil is good for growing plants, it gives us food so we can eat. The next is how is soil formed. Soil is formed when decayed rock things die and go into the ground forever. The next thing is the properties and layers of soil. Some of the things are color, size of particles, nutrients, and ability to retain water. The layers are bedrock, subsoil, and topsoil. The next thing is, why does it take so many years for soil to replenish itself? The answer is, bedrock needs weather for it to break down into soil.    
                                                 That is what I learned,
                                                  From Brayan

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